Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wearing Undergarments as Outerwear / Vintage Bustier / Floral Skirt

Floral Pencil Skirt: H&M, Bustier: Vintage, Blazer: Ann Taylor, Platform Pumps: Marc Fisher, Necklace: vintage with stamp, Clutch: Tory Burch

Wearing undergarments as outerwear can be very sexy when tastefully done, and that means clearly intentionally. For example, I prefer not to show bra straps unless they're cute and lacy. This bustier is obviously an undergarment; when paired with the wrong things, it can be too risqué. I like to tone down the overtly sexy by pairing the bustier with very structured pieces, such as this beautiful tangerine blazer and floral pencil skirt. The structure, integrity of fabric, and tailored fit of the paired pieces lend an air of professionalism to the otherwise racy bustier. It's always about striking the right balance. 

In other news, I'm boarding a plane at 7am tomorrow to head to Osheaga Music Festival in Montreal. It's been an ordeal trying to figure out what to pack in preparation for the unpredictable weather, and the scattered showers forecast, AND still remain stylish. I'm pretty satisfied with what I've decided to pack so far. Maybe I'll share my outfits if I find the time to photograph them. :]

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mixing Floral Patterns / Madmen Style

Dress: Vintage 50's chiffon, Cardigan: J. Crew, Platforms: Jeffrey Campbell Floral Tapestry Foxy, Purse: Chanel, Coat: Vintage Swing Coat with Mink Collar, Watch: Michael Kors

I adore themed outfits and enjoy expressing concepts through my clothing. In this particular ensemble, I'm evoking the royal gardens of Versailles, or a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Gardens are composed of a carefully curated mix of flowers.I absolutely love to mix prints to achieve a similar effect. I used to mix in solid neutrals, such as white/cream blouses and cardigans, but fortunately I've grown more adventurous as my personal style has developed through the years. 

This outfit works because all of patterns come from the same color family, and compliment each other nicely. The subtleness of the floral print of the 50's chiffon dress act as a neutral, which allows me to wear this J. Crew cardigan with a much more abstract large print, without clashing with the dress. This particular chiffon dress is also very versatile because the multiple colors in the dress could also be paired with solids from the blue, green, and pink family. I'm also wearing my favorite Jeffrey Campbell Floral Tapestry Foxy Platforms. I'm convinced these babies go with everything because the print is intricate enough to be treated as a neutral.

I seriously wear this look to my office job regularly. It's always nice to bring your own garden wherever you go. :]

Monday, July 15, 2013

How to Wear Orange / Monochrome / All One Color Without Looking like a Crazy Person

Swing Fur Coat with Mink Collar: Vintage, Orange Cigarette Pants: H&M, Blazer: Ann Taylor, Blouse: Forever21, Scarf: Thrifted, Painted Wood Fish Bracelet: Vintage 80's, Felted sushi-esque Necklace: purchased in Poland, platforms: Jeffrey Campbell 4Evz in Ivory and Coral Floral, Purse: Michael Kors

I love color, some of you may think excessively. In fact, I really enjoy wearing obnoxiously vibrant monochrome outfits. (It'll become more obvious as I blog more.) To avoid looking like a crazy person, I like to subtly mix shades of the same color and add patterned accessories, such as the scarf and shoes, to balance the outfit. 

Striking the right balance of colors can make you feel like a walking Matisse/Fauvist painting.  

However, I think the key to pulling an outfit off is confidence. And an awesome coat doesn't hurt either.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Tribute to Penny Lane / 70s Maxi Dress

70s maxi dress: vintage, Platforms: Jeffrey Campbell, headband: thrifted scarf, Penny Lane faux fur jacket: vintage

I view fashion, not only as a necessary outlet for creative expression, but also as a tactile, accessible manifestation of how memory is transmitted through the temporal divide. Fashion of eras past are always appropriated and updated, especially in the rapid productions of today's fashion industry. But when I wear vintage,a relic of history, I feel like I'm temporarily, albeit superficially, transported to another era. True vintage pieces make it easier to escape to another time. A 70's powder blue maxi dress with a sailor collar can be a study aid for understanding 1970s pop culture. In this case, I'm channeling Penny Lane from Almost Famous. 

Setting Up Shop the Right Way

Hello. My name is Kieu Tran. As an avid vintage shopper, I come across many gems that unfortunately just don't fit me. It's such a shame to not give them a loving home, so it's about time I share them! I'm in the process of setting up my etsy shop, notclothesminded. Please stay tuned. :]

The name, notclothesminded,  expresses my attitude towards fashion. 

The notclothesminded girl is not only not CLOSED minded when it comes to exploring our vast collective history of fashion, from 20's drop waist silhouettes to 80’s sequined minis, but she is also not singularly CLOTHES minded. She has multifaceted interests in art, literature and culture and explores these interests through the inherent politics of fashion.