Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Tribute to Penny Lane / 70s Maxi Dress

70s maxi dress: vintage, Platforms: Jeffrey Campbell, headband: thrifted scarf, Penny Lane faux fur jacket: vintage

I view fashion, not only as a necessary outlet for creative expression, but also as a tactile, accessible manifestation of how memory is transmitted through the temporal divide. Fashion of eras past are always appropriated and updated, especially in the rapid productions of today's fashion industry. But when I wear vintage,a relic of history, I feel like I'm temporarily, albeit superficially, transported to another era. True vintage pieces make it easier to escape to another time. A 70's powder blue maxi dress with a sailor collar can be a study aid for understanding 1970s pop culture. In this case, I'm channeling Penny Lane from Almost Famous. 

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